Guest House

4 stone-built guesthouses provide the guests with an opportunity to relax and rest. Here the wood and stone are harmoniously combined and completely in touch with the natural landscape surrounding them.

Every guesthouse has two spaces and can host up to 5 people, while it is ideal for couples and a 5-member family as well. The first room one comes across upon entering is a spacious living room-kitchen with a fireplace and two couches where one can rest accompanied by the warmth of the fire and a glass of wine of our own making. The guesthouse kitchen is fully equipped and suitable for the preparation of light meals and snacks. The bedroom gives you the absolute sense of serenity with its minimal décor and the smell of wood, which dominates, while the comfortable and practical bathroom can provide you a relaxing shower after the various farm activities.

Every guesthouse has its own porch overlooking the beautiful greens of Platanorema and the surrounding areas, offering more carefree and relaxing moments. Your stay at our guesthouses comes with a complimentary rich breakfast of milk, eggs, handmade jams and pies, all made with fresh farm ingredients.

The seasons change and bring their own images and their own unique aromas at Platanorema. Your stay here will certainly be an exceptional experience, whichever time of year you choose to visit us.