The Restaurant

 Εστιατόριο - Πλατανόρεμα

Delicious traditional recipes, quality local wines, idyllic environment, along with the choice of the right company, provide the best conditions for enjoyable gastronomic experiences.

Our traditional restaurant promises you the enjoyment of unique moments, not only on winter days when you can relax by the 2 lit fireplaces, but also during spring and summer,  when our guests can enjoy the restaurant’s outdoor area, surrounded by green, listening to the sounds of nature.

The traditionally cooked food, prepared with local produce and ingredients that come from the animals of the farm and local area, the delicious cheeses, the famous wines of Chalkidiki and Mount Athos, will leave you with the best impressions.



Among other things, you can try rooster in wine sauce with onions, goat with herbs, accompanied by red sauce or egg-lemon sauce, pork with quinces and plums, ragout goat in the pot with eggplants potatoes and red sauce and many other delicious dishes, prepared with the care of our experienced chefs. Do not forget to taste the traditional pies, baked in the wood oven and the handmade bread that is fresh made on a daily basis.


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