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O.P.C.E. (Open Protection Center for the Elderly)

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Platanorema is a favorite, nearby picnic destination. Both the magnificent scenery, as well as the activities offered by the farm, make it an ideal destination for people who want to live unique, unforgettable moments in beautiful, natural surroundings.
Here, one can visit the stables with the animals and the garden where various produce is organically grown, to learn the process of collecting honey from beekeepers but also try fun activities, such as horse riding, archery, walks in nature etc.
Visitors can relax in the specially designed areas, and also taste quality traditional food in the restaurant of Platanorema.

O.P.C.E. (Open Protection Center for the Elderly)

Platanorema farm is an ideal excursion destination for older people.

Here one can enjoy a beautiful walk in the endless expanse of greenery, visit the animal farms and the organic garden, watch the process of collecting honey from beekeepers and relax on the pergolas next to beautiful plants and trees.
The unforgettable moments of relaxation and carefreeness can be combined with a well-organized feast, where there will be no shortage of quality food, with traditional recipes, good music and of course dancing for anyone who wants to participate. There is always the capability to book a live band for even more fun.

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