Schools – Day Trips

Platanorema farm is a unique place to accommodate school day trips of all levels, since it can offer unforgettable moments to children and their guardians.

Here, with the various activities that our young visitors have the opportunity to do, entertainment becomes a unique educational character.

Playing at the courts and sports areas, touring the zoo and our orchard, observing the honey collection from the honeycombs and tending to the horses, are just some of the unforgettable experiences that our young friends will enjoy.

Young and older students can relax in the specially designed areas of the farm, surrounded by nature, tasting unique delicacies and meals of their choice, as well as our traditional handmade pies, traditionally baked in the wood oven.

Dozens of schools have honored us with their presence throughout the years of the farm’s operation and we thank them. It will be our great pleasure and honor to welcome you and spend unforgettable moments together.


  • Archery participation price 4 € / Person
  • Adventure track (children over 10 years old) participation price 5 € / Person
  • Adventure track (children under 10 years old) participation price 2 € / Person
  • Climbing participation price 4 € / Person
  • Horse riding participation price 5 € / Person

Playing in the courts (football, volleyball and basketball) as well as the tour and environmental information about the farm are free.


  • Sandwiches with sausage or souvlaki or with soutzoukaki,
    potatoes 3,50 €
  • Lunch with burger or souvlaki (3pcs) or pancetta (2pcs), salad, potatoes and water 7,0 €
  • Handmade souvlaki piece with bread  2,0 €
  • French fries portion or toast 2,0 €

For parents or guardians, there is a menu from which they can choose. Teachers can enjoy dishes from the restaurant menu at a discount rate of 50% off. Contact us to get an offer for a package deal of meals and activities.

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